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HKSTP’s InnoExpress Programme helps technology companies intending to expand businesses into Hong Kong and GBA markets to quickly grasp the keys of setting up operations in the area and to gain all-rounded skills and necessary resources. The programme provides international startups as well as technology companies with tailored support and guidance including but not limited to visas and immigration, taxation, government grants and support, fund raising, talent recruitment, go-to-market strategies, policies and regulations, and supply chains for selected industries.

Reacting to the new norm of international operation under COVID-19, HKSTP’s InnoExpress Programme has been revamped into a hybrid model consisting of both physical and virtual activities. Partnering with our global partners, each InnoExpress Programme has 3 phases.


Phase 1: Prologue (Day 1-60)

In this phase, we will organize a number of 60-90 min webinars with Q&A session to give the teams a brief overview of Hong Kong/ GBA Innovation and Technology Ecosystem. You can also hear the latest trade and investment opportunities in the area with different technology cluster and strategic focus for example AI & Robotics, Biomedical Technology, Data & Smart City and FinTech etc.

We will also invite industry leaders and experts to share their entrepreneurial journey and you can exchange your ideas with them.

Phase 2: Show and Tell (Day 61-120)

Key Selection Criteria

Problem & Solution, Competitiveness, Founding Team, Use Case, Market, Acceptance, Business model, Testimonial, Financial Status

After gaining better understanding of the overall landscape, at phase 2, we will select 10-20 quality shortlisted teams who are capable and ready to expand their businesses into HK and GBA market to form a theme based cohort for an online pitching event co-organized by HKSTP and our global partner.

Qualified startups from around the world will be able to showcase their products/services to potential clients, partners or investors invited by both HKSTP and our global partner. Teams will have the chance to increase their exposure and visibility by enriching their network and connecting them with the right people. A Judging panel will also be formed by HKSTP experts, industry leaders, investors etc. to give valuable feedback and advice on how to get yourself well prepared for entering HK/GBA market.

Phase 3: On The Scene Programme (Day 121-180)

The final phase of InnoExpress Programme will mainly take place in the Hong Kong Science Park. Selected teams with strong desire and solid ability to enter HK/GBA market can get a taste of the R&D and entrepreneurial life in Hong Kong. One-to-two week tailor-made programme (actual duration is subject to discussion) includes a series of business familiarization, capability building, mentoring and networking sessions, visit tour in HK and GBA etc. with the aim to assist and accelerate international teams and eventually enter into the Hong Kong I&T ecosystem.

HKSTP InnoExpress Programme is a customised programme to help international technology companies leverage Hong Kong’s strengths to tap into opportunities in the GBA market. We, HKSTP as Hong Kong’s largest research and development hub, can act as the springboard for you to connect with the right markets, right talents and investors in Hong Kong and beyond.

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